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ℒindsay ✈

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21 November
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Hey guys!

My name is Lindsay, born in The Netherlands. I am working in a travel agency right now, which mostly sells holidays to Turkey. Next to my work, I spend much times on writing books. Some of my books are already for sale on internet, hope to be a big writer once! :D
Also I wanna travel the world! Every place is special for some reason, so I wanna see as much as possible :3 Favorite place/city so far is Rome, Italy. I have been here twice and currently planning my next trip going there. Just love the city, the people and all old beauties there!
Obviously, next to all my other hobbys, I am a big Pokemon lover! I am playing and collecting since I was a little girl. Now I am 21 (almost 22) and still love it! Favourite Pokemon is Zigzagoon :3 I wanna collect everything of him! :D If you have anything for sale, please let me know!!

Byeee :3


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