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 Thanks for watching! :)

Pokemon Center 2003 clear file

Gold, Silver and Bronze Zigzagoon medals (I already have silver and bronze !!)

I hope there is more stuff from this serie? I already have the stickersheet! :D (So please don;t buy the stickersheet again)

Mudkip shiny kid figures

Mudkip Banpresto plush with red ribbon

Pokemon Plush 6 Inch long Mudkip with tag 2004 Hasbro Mini plush Advanced

Official Mudkip/ Cyndaquil Pokémon Mystery Dungeon House Figures Set

Pikachu card wants:

XY Promo 2014

Pikachu DP-P Promo 98

More info: (around 15$ each)

CoroCoro Best Photo Contest

Pokémon Art Academy Competition

Pokemon XY Pikachu 20th Anniversary Festa

2017 Battle Festa Pikachu

20th Anniversary Festa Pikachu

Championship 2010

Championship 2014

Pikachu/Zekrom cards

Pokemon Card Pikachu PROMO 276-279

Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu SM194 promo card

Pokemon Card Japanese pikachu promo 291/SM-P Daiichi Pan

Pokemon Card Japanese - Detective Pikachu 338/SM-P PROMO

Pokemon Center Limited Promo Card japanese Pikachu 325/SM-P Kyoto March 2019

Pikachu 009/054 SM10a Pokemon Card Japanese

Pokemon Card Japanese - Abarerukun Pikachu 320/SM-P

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