Lindsay (linameerun) wrote,

♒ Zigzagoon Collection ♒

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out in Europe in 2003. As a collector, I bought Pokemon Sapphire and played the game many times over and over. Never did I use nicknames on my Pokemon, simply because I don't like nicknames. However, when I saw a wild Zigzagoon, I caught it and named him 'Tunpi'. I have no idea why I picked that name, made it up I guess. Well, this Tunpi was my partner untill the very end. (Hoenn is by the way also my favourite generation). That's how my Zigzagoon love began. I drew Zigzagoon, I loved Zigzagoon, but started collecting in 2013. I know there are some Zig collectors who have a bigger collection then mine, but I hope my collection still grows and will be one of the biggest Zig collections ever!

By clicking the banner above, you can find my Zigzagoon collection :3
Or to cilck this link:

Tags: card, cards, collection, figure, figures, hoenn, plush, pokemon, ruby, sapphire, zig, zigs, zigzagoon
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