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Permanent Pokémart Sales Post

Welcome in my Pokémart!

~Last update: 18 February 2019~
~Current status: OPEN~

*****Please read the rules above (especially shipping!) before commenting*****

Basic rules
- I was granted sales permission on December 17th 2015 by areica96
- My PKMNcollectors feedback is >here<
- My Ebay feedback is
- The PKMNcollectors community rules apply
- I will not sell to banned members
- Prices are in USD $
- Prices are not included shipping or PayPal fees
- Top priority goes to anyone willing to make a trade or partial trade for items in my wants list! Or any Zigzagoon item that i don't have
- Second priority: first come first serve! (Note: If you want something, and later dont respond anymore, I give you a sign that you have one final chance to reply in some hours. After that time ill sell to the other buyer!)
- Please do not edit/delete comments! Just reply to your first comment
- No holds, I can't keep track of all holds (or we can discuss about it in special cases)
- Returns are not accepted!
- Haggling is fine by me, make an offer, and if I am not okay with it, I wi
ll try to meet halfway!
- Items come from a clean and smoke free home! (I do have a cat, but she never enters my room with all my selling stuff!)

Shipping rules
- I ship from Purmerend, in The Netherlands
- I ship worldwide!
- Shipping costs also include costs for materials!
- The trackingcode you will get (if you want with tracking), will be a Dutch trackingcode, until it arrives in your country! You can ask me anytime to check the code, to see where your item is
- Non-flats will be shipped in a regular bubble mailer unless a box is requested or required due to size. Flats will be shipped in a regular envelope, with protection, unless otherwise requested, or required due to weight/size
- I am not responsible once the package leaves my possession!
- I will ship as fast as I can and I will let you know once an item has been sent

- Flat items max sizes: height 3 cm, width 35 cm, length 25 cm!
- Flat items shipping prices within The Netherlands starts at $0.90 (depends on the weight of the envelope)!
- Flat items shipping prices within Europe starts at $2 (depends on the weight of the envelope)!

- Flat items shipping prices other than Europe starts at $2.50 (depends on the weight of the envelope)!
Flat items are without Trackingcodes! If you want a Trackingcode, there will be extra $5-10 fees (depends on your country)

- Non-flat items max sizes: height 50 cm, width 100 cm, length 50 cm!
- Non-flat items shipping prices within The Netherlands starts at $5 (depends on the weight of the package)!
- Non-flat items shipping prices within Europe starts at $11 (depends on the weight of the envelope, without tracking)!
- Non-Flat items shipping prices other than Europe starts at $19.50 (depends on the weight of the envelope, without tracking)!

For Trackingcodes, there are $5 fees extra!

Payment rules
- I accept PayPal payments only!*
- Payments should be sent to: please
- Please include your username, and items purchased in the note of the payment
- Make sure you include the correct full address for me to ship to!

*If you live in The Netherlands, I also accept bank payments/IDEAL!

Rules for lots
- If items in a lot are not listed individually with prices, they will not be sold individually!
- Do not ask me to dig through the lots to find a specific item/pokemon
- Do not ask me to take photos of every item in the lot
- I will not split the lots!

*****Please read the rules above (especially shipping!) before commenting*****

***(Click for bigger pictures)***

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Thank you for looking!


 Thanks for watching/helping! :)

Gold, Silver and Bronze Zigzagoon medals (I already have silver and bronze !!)

I hope there is more stuff from this serie? I already have the stickersheet! :D (So please don;t buy the stickersheet again)

Mudkip shiny kid figures

Mudkip Banpresto plush with red ribbon

Pokemon Plush 6 Inch long Mudkip with tag 2004 Hasbro Mini plush Advanced

Official Mudkip/ Cyndaquil Pokémon Mystery Dungeon House Figures Set

Mudkip Zukan! (Only intersted in Mudkip, or in the whole set if not too expensive)

Pikachu card wants:

XY Promo 2014

Pikachu DP-P Promo 98

More info: (around 15$ each)

CoroCoro Best Photo Contest

Pokémon Art Academy Competition

Pokemon XY Pikachu 20th Anniversary Festa

2017 Battle Festa Pikachu

20th Anniversary Festa Pikachu

Championship 2010

Championship 2014

112/095 & 101/095     Pikachu/Zekrom cards

Pokemon Card Japanese - Detective Pikachu 338/SM-P PROMO

Pokemon Card Japanese - Abarerukun Pikachu 320/SM-P

Pokemon Card Pikachu Tapu 400 SM

Dynamax/Gigantamax Pikachu set  031/100 & 123/

Pikachu promo 124/S-P

Pikachu promo 122/S-P

♒ Zigzagoon Collection ♒

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out in Europe in 2003. As a collector, I bought Pokemon Sapphire and played the game many times over and over. Never did I use nicknames on my Pokemon, simply because I don't like nicknames. However, when I saw a wild Zigzagoon, I caught it and named him 'Tunpi'. I have no idea why I picked that name, made it up I guess. Well, this Tunpi was my partner untill the very end. (Hoenn is by the way also my favourite generation). That's how my Zigzagoon love began. I drew Zigzagoon, I loved Zigzagoon, but started collecting in 2013. I know there are some Zig collectors who have a bigger collection then mine, but I hope my collection still grows and will be one of the biggest Zig collections ever!

By clicking the banner above, you can find my Zigzagoon collection :3
Or to cilck this link:

ϟ Pika Card Collection ϟ


When I was 5 years old, Pokemon became popular in The Netherlands (and all other parts of the world). As almost every kid, I started collecting Pokemon cards, plushes and some figures. My dad flew for his work to the United States of America, and brought over new stuff, which was not available here. I got a watch, Pokedex, new plushes and much more!

So, when I was 5 years old my card collection started, and ended a couple years later.
Two years ago from now I started collecting cards again, but only the Pikachu ones. I hope to have the biggest Pika card collection one day! Hereunder you can find my collection so far:

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linameerun, zigzagoon

Tags Pokemon!

This post is to remind me what all of you collect, so I can tag you whenever I have new sales!
Feel free to comment with what you're collecting! :) (If you have a list like this, please add me for Zigzagoon (anything), and Pikachu (cards)!

Absol - absol clicky797
Aegislash - hebilea
Altaria - clicky797
Amaura - clicky797
Ampharos - manaspectrum
Arceus - guccishiny
Articuno - clicky797
Aurorus - clicky797
Bellossom - lotad
Buizel - pikasang
Camerupt - munnaluv
Charizard - pikasang
Chatot - manaspectrum
Chikorita - pikasang
Cyndaquil - pikasang
Cobalion - absol
Darkrai - manaspectrum
Deerling - munnaluv
Deino - presleyhydrei
Doublade - hebilea
Dragonite - pikasang
Empoleon - plinfalover
Fennekin - scarity
Flaaffy - nasija
Furfrou - munnaluv
Furret - serpifeu
Gardevoir - m14mouse
Gengar - peppermmints manaspectrum thegengar0215
Glameow - ceruleanblues15
Granbull - munnaluv
Herdier - ceruleanblues15
Honedge - hebilea
Ho-oh - tallie_chan
Hydreigon - presleyhydrei
Kirlia - m14mouse
Klefki - manaspectrum
Latios - arisamon
Liepard - starrypurrloin
Lillipup - ceruleanblues15
Linoone - zigguppafu
Lotad - lotad
Lucario - pikasang
Luxio - ceruleanblues15
Luxray - ceruleanblues15
Marshtomp - mightyena_mad_7
Mareep - nasija
Meloetta - clicky797
Mew - pikasang
Mightyena - mightyena_mad_7
Mudkip - mightyena_mad_7
Munchlax - arisamon
Ninetails - scarity pikasang
Noivern - noivem
Nuzleaf - m14mouse
Piplup - plinfalover
Poochyena - mightyena_mad_7
Prinplup - plinfalover
Puni-Chan - stalkingsuicune
Pumpkaboo - peppermmints
Purrloin - starrypurrloin
Raikou - peppermmints yellow_fr3ak
Ralts - m14mouse
Rayquaza - guccishiny
Sawsbuck - munnaluv
Scyther - guccishiny
Seedot - m14mouse
Sentret - serpifeu
Serperior - arisamon
Servine - arisamon
Shiftry - m14mouse
Shinx - ceruleanblues15
Skitty - lotad kkinokokoneko
Smeargle - hoodiedogs
Snivy - arisamon
Snorlax - arisamon
Snubbull - munnaluv
Stoutland - ceruleanblues15
Suicune - stalkingsuicune
Swirlix - munnaluv
Swablu - clicky797
Swampert - mightyena_mad_7
Team Galactic - schenzi
Team Magma - schenzi
Totodile - pikasang
Typhlosion - peppermmints
Tyrantrum - scarity
Tyrunt - scarity
Umbreon - pikasang
Vulpix - scarity
Wailord - guccishiny
Watchog - schenzi
Weedle - m14mouse
Zigzagoon - linameerun
Zweilous - presleyhydrei
Zygarde - clicky797 absol